Shailene Woodley Is a Lovable Wood Nymph Who Drinks Mushroom Tea

Interview magazine's series where celebrities interview other celebrities can either be viewed as the end-all be-all of celebrity narcissism or an actually interesting way to get people to share things about themselves. Their latest piece, in which Emma Stone asks Secret Diary of an American Teenager star Shailene… »7/16/13 6:00pm7/16/13 6:00pm

You Say You Want A (Fashion) Revolution? First You Need A Revolutionary

"Much — so very much — has been written about the fashion world's repulsive obsession with thinness," writes Hadley Freeman in today's »8/28/08 4:20pm8/28/08 4:20pm . "But the predictable truth is that when it comes to skinny models, nothing has changed. Nothing. The belief in the industry remains that thinness is symbolic of wealth and…

Dear Diane: Sorry, But You Can't Claim To "Show The Soul Of A Woman" On The Same Day You Sue Target

  • "With so many magazine images that are so completely retouched, we've gone in the opposite direction, showing the soul of a woman." That's artist Francois-Marie Banier, on this Diane von Furstenberg ad starring Natalia Vodianova. Which makes us wonder, if that is the "opposite direction" of the retouching trend, we…
  • »1/25/08 11:30am1/25/08 11:30am