Miuccia Prada Speaks on Feminism, Politics, Being a Fashion Genius

One of the most fascinating details in a new WWD interview with the ever-fascinating feminist designer Miuccia Prada is that she has a Carsten Höller slide in her office that directs from behind her desk to an outside courtyard. Others have opined about this—a similar slide traveled to the New Museum in 2011—but I…


Talking About Sex, Trigger Warnings and a Perfect Valentine’s Day with John Waters

John Waters, also known as the “Pope of Trash” and the “Prince of Puke,” has thoroughly expressed his genius for bad taste through the years with films like Hairspray, Cry-Baby, or—for the truly blessed—Pink Flamingos, which featured a scene wherein Divine, drag queen and frequent Waters collaborator, famously ate a…

We Spoke with Lauren Cohan About The Boy's Terrifying Motherhood Psychology

The basic premise behind the horror film The Boy is that children and dolls are inherently terrifying. This point was confirmed last week when I interviewed the movie’s lead—Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead)—over Skype and noticed, in the backdrop, a porcelain boy doll sitting idly, watching us.


'Just Do It': A Chat With Iris Apfel, Style Icon & Star of a New Film

Most people outside the fashion industry first met Iris Apfel 10 years ago, as the Rara Avis—the rare bird whose 2005 exhibition of clothing and jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum changed the way we look at style for the better. She was 84 years old at the time, a phoenix or a bird of paradise whose gloriously…