The State Department Fights to Protect Americans From the Threat of Fake Girlfriends

In this post-9/11 Manti Te'o world, the last thing the U.S. Government wants to see is any American citizen become a victim of terrorism or an internet dating scam. So the State Department has taken some time out of its leisurely schedule to compile some tips on how to avoid getting your heart broken by a fake… »1/24/13 5:45pm1/24/13 5:45pm

College Dating Site Answers Urgent 'Which School is Hottest?' Question

Date My School was founded about a year and a half ago by two Columbia MBA students who wanted to start a site that would allow users to connect with date-able students at other colleges, and then download their pictures and masturbate to them. Based on user data, they've been finally, definitively able to answer the… »2/14/12 12:50pm2/14/12 12:50pm