The Internet Will Turn You Into A Depressed, Sleepless Loner

In news that should surprise no one, a study has found that teens who spend "excessive" time on the Internet are more likely to be depressed. And part of the culprit may be Facebook games. » 8/03/10 9:30am 8/03/10 9:30am

Internet Claims New Victim: Hot Women

According to "life coach and agony aunt" Pam Spurr, "Internet addiction" isn't just for unemployed, Warcraft-playing schlubs anymore. This beast can also attack young women — especially those named Anna. » 2/11/10 2:40pm 2/11/10 2:40pm

Virtual Reality

According to a new study, people who use the internet excessively - and replace "real life social interaction" with online chatting - are more likely to suffer from depression. And here we thought it was just the winter blues... [MSNBC] » 2/03/10 9:20am 2/03/10 9:20am