Genius Annotates a Pitchfork Review and Every Music Critic Bursts Into Flames 

Welcome to hell: today Pitchfork ran a review about the debut major label album by Wet, a Brooklyn band that some of us at Jezebel like and some of us don’t, which is all very fine by the standards of human agency. Because music critics are called “music critics,” the review, by Katherine St. Asaph, was somewhat…

Woman Sees Pictures of Boyfriend's Wedding, Still Not Sure He Cheated

Recently, a 23-year-old woman posted an astonishing inquiry on Ask Metafilter. Just a warning, though, her question—titled “Did my boyfriend just get married?”—might make you want to hop into one of Bruce Willis’s spaceship drills from Armageddon and burrow yourself 10,000 feet into the core of a dying star: