How One Paris Massacre Tweet Captured the Meme-ification of Tragedy

After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris left the internet-commenting world in a state of public shock and grieving, software CMO Rurik Bradbury took note of one particular myth that was making the viral rounds: that the Eiffel Tower had gone dark in tribute, instead of as it always did at 1 a.m. »11/16/15 10:00am11/16/15 10:00am


How The Black Dot Campaign Grew Into A Dangerous Viral Hoax

The problem with the internet is that it’s very easy to get publicity for a good idea (or a bad one) regardless of it actually existing. Such is the case of the Black Dot Campaign—an effort to identify domestic violence victims in need of help by having them draw small black dots on the center of their palms. While… »10/15/15 12:10pm10/15/15 12:10pm

So You've Had Your Email Address Leaked in the Ashley Madison Hack

On Tuesday, a hacking group known as Impact Team finally made good on their promise to leak 9.7 GB of Ashley Madison user data to the public. The data includes millions of names, addresses, credit card numbers and profile information of registered users of the website designed for married dudes (and ladies) who are… »8/19/15 3:10pm8/19/15 3:10pm

Woman Sees Pictures of Boyfriend's Wedding, Still Not Sure He Cheated

Recently, a 23-year-old woman posted an astonishing inquiry on Ask Metafilter. Just a warning, though, her question—titled “Did my boyfriend just get married?”—might make you want to hop into one of Bruce Willis’s spaceship drills from Armageddon and burrow yourself 10,000 feet into the core of a dying star: »6/24/15 7:10pm6/24/15 7:10pm

The 'Game of 72' Is the Latest Fake Internet Craze to Scare Parents

The Internet, an enormous mechanism for creating unfounded rumors that alarm your parents and grandparents, has done it again. This time it’s the “Game of 72,” a diabolical contest in which teens run away from home for several days, just to see if they can. Except—surprise, surprise—the Game of 72 is not a real thing. »5/18/15 6:30pm5/18/15 6:30pm

Twitter's Inexplicable New Settings Highlight Problems with Abuse

So Twitter created a rather obscure new setting in its privacy menu called “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone.” Now, people you don’t follow can send you a direct message, or DM, in private. Here’s why this setting got people’s knickers in a bunch — for some pretty good reasons. »4/20/15 7:45pm4/20/15 7:45pm

Revenge-Porn Asshole Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison 

Revenge-porn website operator Kevin Christopher Bollaert was sentenced to 18 years in state prison on Friday. The San Diego man ran the website, where users and hackers could anonymously post nude photos and personal information of people (read: women) without their consent. Bollaert was convicted in… »4/04/15 2:30pm4/04/15 2:30pm