Reminder: Barbra Streisand Has a Mall in Her Basement

Among the legends surrounding the old Hollywood elite, there are few so eccentric (and verified) as the interior design choices of Barbra Streisand. Specifically, I’m talking about the mall she had built in her basement—with shops modeled to look like a quaint old-timey storefronts—to show off and store her many… »10/26/15 6:50pm10/26/15 6:50pm


Interior Designers Specializing in Divorced Men Will Inspire Next Romantic Comedy

In an effort to neutralize the strenuous coupling that comes with Valentine's Day, the New York Times this week profiled interior designers like Susan Manrao and Deirdre Dyment who have found a niche in the market designing homes for freshly divorced men. Not bachelor pads, mind you, but practical living spaces where… »2/13/12 6:40pm2/13/12 6:40pm

Hideous Kinky: Ever Been In A Bedroom So Nasty You Couldn't Have Sex?

Of the many, many differences between men and women, the bedroom is one place where there are definite »10/31/08 2:20pm10/31/08 2:20pm contrasts. I'm not talking about sex; I'm talking about the actual décor of the boudoir. From sheets to artwork, it seems that men are so much more likely to make horrifying choices. And if you check out these…