So Fresh: Car-Scent Companies Duke It Out in Trademark Battle

The Car-Freshner Corporation prides itself in its Little Trees, those flimsy albeit potent diffusers of suffocating fragrance. In fact, Little Trees have freshness so on lock that OutKast might have to relinquish their title. But even more urgent is an ongoing legal battle between the Car-Freshner Corporation and… »11/16/15 11:15pm11/16/15 11:15pm


Thanks to Copyright Bullshit, Anne Frank's Diary Now Has a Co-Author

It would seem counterintuitive for a book entitled The Diary of Anne Frank to have another author besides, well, Anne Frank. But strange things happen in the Year of Our Lord 2015 – and by “strange things,” I mean copyright gymnastics propelled by a yen for profit. In naming Anne’s father, Otto Frank, co-author of the »11/15/15 11:15pm11/15/15 11:15pm

How A Blogger's Photo of a Red Typewriter Inspired a Designer Dress

About a year and a half ago, J and I found ourselves with two Lettera 35s — the Olivetti we loved so much, we purchased it twice: one in Switzerland, and the other from France via the Venezuelan embassy (a thrift store find). We decided to keep the Lettera from Paris, which had a more interesting personal story… »3/13/12 5:00pm3/13/12 5:00pm

Louis Vuitton Threatens To Sue Penn Law School Over Logo Parody

The University of Pennsylvania Law School became the focus of Louis Vuitton's lawyerly ire after a student group parodied the company's famous monogram print on poster art to advertise a symposium on trademark law. Instead of LVs and quatrefoils, those are little TMs and ©s. Clever right? And an obvious example of… »3/08/12 1:20pm3/08/12 1:20pm

Urban Outfitter's 'Navajo' Problem Becomes A Legal Issue

Sasha Houston Brown of Minneapolis published a strongly worded open letter to Urban Outfitters yesterday at Racialicious. Brown, who directly addresses C.E.O. Glen Senk, takes the clothing chain to task for its appropriation of Native American arts and crafts, and its frequent use of the word "Navajo" in product names… »10/11/11 3:25pm10/11/11 3:25pm

Kim Kardashian Accused Of Copying Alexis Bittar Jewelry

Jewelry designer Alexis Bittar says Kim Kardashian has been knocking off his designs for her jewelry line, and he's no longer going to lend her his pieces to wear. "In the reality TV world, there are so many people coming out with lines to capitalize on their TV shows. They are not designers and they are just stealing »10/06/11 12:20pm10/06/11 12:20pm

Lauren Goldstein Crowe Joins Righteous Struggle Against Fake Fendis

You know what? After our last post, we thought we were going to take a break from hating 'Portfolio' fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe. We can't, for one thing, get a decent picture of her, because the people who run WireImage won't give us an account, apparently because we are "mean." Also: We are really not… »6/07/07 1:17pm6/07/07 1:17pm