The Meanest Thing A Parent Has Ever Said About Your Looks

Next week, people across the country will be struggling through airports, boarding crowded airplanes, and traveling to see their families and in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, of course, is a beautiful holiday that honors sharing, caring, taking things that don’t belong to you, and having your mom… »11/20/15 8:00pm11/20/15 8:00pm


The Sickest Burn You've Ever Heard (or Delivered)

It’s common occurrence: You get into a verbal altercation with someone, mumble something dumb and then later that day come up with the perfect, now useless comeback. Far fewer are the moments when that witty retort arrives at perfect moment and lets you verbally obliterate your opponent with a single turn of phrase.… »4/17/15 8:00pm4/17/15 8:00pm

Hollister Models Spread the Good Word About Board Shorts By Flipping-Off South Korean Customers

It seems that Hollister is going with the dual antagonize/insult technique to attract customers to its brand new store in Yeouido, South Korea — according to reports of the store's star-crossed opening, the Hollister lifeguard model brigade was on hand to flip-off prospective patrons and, in one particularly egregious… »9/09/12 8:00pm9/09/12 8:00pm

Misogynist Insults Would Make Awesome Band Names

We've been spending a lot of time mulling over the type of verbal abuse that's directed toward women lately, but in discussing the insults' misogyny and sexism, we're ignoring the fact that many of the more colorful anti-woman diss attempts would actually make pretty terrific band names. Pick up your bass guitar, your… »11/10/11 3:00pm11/10/11 3:00pm