Young Women Using Social Media To Normalize And Demand More Plus-Size…

Adele's forthcoming plus-sized Burberry campaign is only one of the many factors that are leading to a new eye on mass-market retailers' plus-sized clothing, which blogs have dubbed "fatshion." For years, adult-skewed women's magazines had unchanged advice for larger women: steer away from horizontal stripes and fitted… » 9/22/12 5:00pm 9/22/12 5:00pm

We Read So You Don't Have To: The Year's Biggest Ladymags, Rated and…

In Ladymag Land, the biggest issues of the year are the September issues. And this year, Vogue, Queen of the Ladymags, had its biggest issue ever. Nine hundred sixteen pages: Absolutely GIGANTIC. But all of the Ladymags celebrated the fall season in a huge way, and we could not let this momentous occasion pass without… » 9/06/12 4:00pm 9/06/12 4:00pm

Julianne Moore Does Nude Calendar Pinup For Karl Lagerfeld

Cindy Crawford Nabs Iconic Cover, Looks Fantastic

"Curves" Are The Theme Of Christina Hendricks' Wedding

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is on the cover of InStyle Weddings, and though she wants her upcoming wedding to be "rustic and intimate," the mag insists she'll be "going for curve-hugging fabrics and retro details even on her wedding day." » 9/21/09 2:00pm 9/21/09 2:00pm

The September issues of women's magazines are historically the thickest and most anticipated of the year, filled with a particularly frenzied orgy of materialism. WWD has the scoop on the covergirls for those issues, which will hit newsstands in late August. Keira Knightley will grace the cover of Vogue for the second… » 7/17/08 11:45am 7/17/08 11:45am