Kate Hudson and Son Dance to 'Trap Queen'

What do you do when you’re bored, waiting around at the airport? Apparently, Kate Hudson choreographs dances to hit songs with her spawn and uploads it to Instagram. The actress posted a clip of herself dancing with 11-year-old son Ryder, while he sings along to Fetty Wap’s tune. It appears that Hudson won’t let him… » 7/26/15 6:00pm Sunday 6:00pm

Teens Post Doughnut-Licking Selfies in Solidarity With Ariana Grande

Who among us can stand by when one of our most cherished heroes has been wrongfully maligned? Not Ariana Grande’s young fans, that’s for certain. Because now they’re taking pictures of themselves licking doughnut emojis and, in some cases, actual doughnuts to post on the Instagram account @Lick_Donuts_With_Ari. » 7/14/15 4:45pm 7/14/15 4:45pm

A Peek Inside Instagram's Thriving Tween American Girl Doll Fandom 

The Internet is a giant mechanism for facilitating fandoms—no news there. And yet, it never ceases to amaze! For instance, were you aware that American Girl devotees are, as we speak, posting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lovingly composed shots of their dolls in various costumes on Instagram?
» 7/13/15 2:30pm 7/13/15 2:30pm

Kylie Jenner and Amandla Stenberg Exchange Words Over Kylie’s Kornrows

Kylie Jenner recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a crop top, sweatpants and her hair done in cornrows with the caption, “I woke up like disss.” The pic collected over 1 million likes and over 100,000 comments, including one from Amandla Stenberg, who called out the reality star for appropriating… » 7/12/15 3:20pm 7/12/15 3:20pm

Saturday Night Social: Party Like Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara really knows how to celebrate her birthday. The actress, who just turned 43, shared photos of the celebration on Instagram including some of her presents. First of all, someone gave her a t-shirt of her fiancé Joe Manganiello, Photoshopped as a shirtless centaur. I hope Joe was the one that gave it to… » 7/11/15 7:00pm 7/11/15 7:00pm

Well This Photo of Kate and Princess Charlotte Sure Is Precious

The official Instagram account of Kensington Palace (do you love 2015 or do or hate 2015?) just posted a very filtered and very precious photo of Duchess Kate holding Princess Charlotte in the Sandringham House Drawing Room on the day of her christening. Kate’s smiling down at her new child, as if saying, “So much of… » 7/09/15 12:10pm 7/09/15 12:10pm

Rihanna Discovered Sanam, One Of Her BBHMM Henchwomen, On Instagram

In the video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” Rihanna kidnaps model Rachel Roberts with the help of two friends/henchwomen. One of them, Instagram star and self-described “TECHNO PRINCESS MODEL” Sita Abellan, may have looked familiar to you. The other, Sanam, probably didn’t. In an interview with VICE, the Seattle… » 7/06/15 11:50am 7/06/15 11:50am

Marc Jacobs Owns Up To Posting That Butt Pic

Earlier this week, Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a naked selfie of his butt to Instagram with the enthusiastic caption, “It’s yours to try!” The photo immediately disappeared, but not before lurkers with lightning fingers screencapped the moment, preserving it for all Intern-eternity. The fashion designer has now… » 7/03/15 4:30pm 7/03/15 4:30pm