Teens Post Doughnut-Licking Selfies in Solidarity With Ariana Grande

Who among us can stand by when one of our most cherished heroes has been wrongfully maligned? Not Ariana Grande’s young fans, that’s for certain. Because now they’re taking pictures of themselves licking doughnut emojis and, in some cases, actual doughnuts to post on the Instagram account @Lick_Donuts_With_Ari. »7/14/15 4:45pm7/14/15 4:45pm

John Waters to Grads: 'Go Out in the World and Fuck It Up Beautifully'

John Waters, one the greatest human beings in existence, recently delivered a commencement speech to the 2015 graduating class of Rhode Island School of Design. The “Pope of Trash” is best known for his subversive film canon, but his books, stand-up routines and now, this graduation speech, contain unparalleled wit… »6/10/15 1:00pm6/10/15 1:00pm

Marine-Turned-Underwear Heartthrob Propositioned on The Tonight Show

Alex Minsky — the Marine-turned-underwear model we sorta have a crush on — was pretty charming on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, though clearly very nervous and fidgety (his mom was in the audience and he kept looking to her!). Leno asked him how he got sober and Minksy said, "I don't know. It wasn't my… »6/27/13 10:30am6/27/13 10:30am

Mindy Kaling Likes to Stand Under Rihanna’s Um-burrella for Inspiration

Mindy Kaling, like any other writer of things, sometimes requires a source — a fount, if you will — of inspiration. The great cistern of fresh sitcom jokes that Kaling visits when she needs to fill her writer's bucket (every writer has a bucket) is none other than her encyclopedic Rihanna playlist, which she and her… »8/28/12 10:25pm8/28/12 10:25pm