Cute Valentine's Day Gift: Adopt a Hissing Cockroach in Your Ex's Name

If Valentine's Day happens to catch you slumped in the ruins of a catastrophic breakup this year, fret not! Because the San Francisco Zoo has your back. For the price of a small donation, you can adopt one of their scorpions or hissing cockroach's in your ex's name. » 1/26/15 5:50pm 1/26/15 5:50pm

Scientists Discover the Gynosome, a New Kind of Sexual Organ

It's a first in the animal kingdom. Among a group of cave-dwelling Brazilian insects, the females use a specialized sex organ to penetrate the males. Scientists say that their lives challenge everything we thought we knew about sexual selection. » 4/17/14 5:29pm 4/17/14 5:29pm

Turtle Ant Queens Get Laid Once and Store Sperm for 25 Years

If you watch one video about ant sex today, be sure it's this one, with the sentence: "the queen… lays an army of all-female workers." » 2/13/14 4:40pm 2/13/14 4:40pm

Toddler Allegedly Forced To Eat Cockroach For Camera

In horrifying news you shouldn't read while eating, a family in Guatemala City is being investigated after videos of a young child eating cockroaches surfaced on YouTube. The video is several years old but only recently gained steam on social media, which has prompted an outcry and an investigation by protective… » 2/01/14 12:00pm 2/01/14 12:00pm

Like Your Ex-BF, Plenty of Insects Are 'Accidentally' Having Gay Sex

Or, as many of us call it, sex. Hey, did you know that eighty-five percent of male insects engage in homosexual acts? About the same rate as my high school exes. Don't remind me. Ugh. » 10/24/13 10:00am 10/24/13 10:00am

Mean Bed Bugs Are Determined to Ruin Your Vacation and Probably Your…

Oh, hey there. Had you managed to forget about the constant threat of bed bugs for even one second? Hahaha, of course not. You are always aware that your home could be invaded at any time, turning what was once your comfort zone into your own personal nightmare mansion. Well, you should continue to be paranoid about… » 6/04/12 11:55pm 6/04/12 11:55pm

Enjoy the Warm Weather Until the Horde of Angry Scorpions Eats You

It's seventy degrees in New York right now, and recently much of the east coast has been bathed in balmy warmth. Which seems all fine and dandy until the high temperatures cause an insect explosion! One guy in Greenville County, South Carolina has fire ants all over his yard and kudzu bugs all over his house. And a… » 3/14/12 5:30pm 3/14/12 5:30pm

Some Bees Are Natural Thrill-Seekers

Some people love taking risks, while others prefer to curl up on the couch with a good book — and it turns out the same is true of bees! Except they can't read. And they don't have couches. But they do appear to have "personality." Scientists found that certain bees are really into scouting — they look for food and… » 3/08/12 6:45pm 3/08/12 6:45pm

Give Your Beloved a Cockroach for Valentine's Day

Are you tired of the cuteness of Valentine's Day? Do you want to get your special someone something totally disgusting? The Bronx Zoo has the perfect gift for you — for $10, you can name one of their Madagascar hissing cockroaches after your SO (or friend, or mom, or whatever). No, you do not also get to take the… » 2/06/12 5:20pm 2/06/12 5:20pm

Meet the Spider With the Tiny Detachable Penis

You have to hand it to spiders, they're so crafty, building their fancy webs and always managing to crawl out of your shoe and spook you just when you're least expecting it. But there is one kind of spider that has really gone above and beyond the call of duty: The orb-web spider, ephilengys malabarensis, has a … » 1/31/12 11:55pm 1/31/12 11:55pm

Sparkly Bugs Have Real Diamond Wings

Kind of. Scientists have discovered that the shiny wings of the diamond weevil are full of crystals made of chitin in a structure much like actual diamonds. Unfortunately, bug engagement rings may be a ways off — says biophysicist Bodo Wilts, "Materials scientists could look to these scales to inspire new materials,… » 12/21/11 2:45pm 12/21/11 2:45pm

Genius Wasps Can Recognize Their Friends' Faces

Okay, maybe not their "friends" exactly — it's unclear if wasps have friends. However, scientists have found that one species of paper wasp could recognize and distinguish between images of their own kind's distinctively-marked faces. And they recognized these images much more quickly than other pictures, like… » 12/01/11 6:30pm 12/01/11 6:30pm

Spider Dudes Give Crappy Gifts, Trick Ladies Into Sex

Presenting females with a pre-coital gift is an essential part of the nursery web spider's mating ritual, but researchers have discovered that some male spiders are giving their ladyfriends elaborately wrapped bits of junk, such as flower, cotton, or ant husks wrapped in silk. While the women are distracted by what's… » 11/14/11 10:55am 11/14/11 10:55am

All It Takes Is 25 Million Bees To Make People Really Freak Out

Um, so in Utah a truck full of bees crashed on the highway and all the bees got out and started stinging people? And then everyone on the road had to keep their windows shut to keep the bees from getting in and stinging them while they were driving, or else there would be a chain reaction of beestings and crashes and… » 10/24/11 3:00pm 10/24/11 3:00pm

The Female Praying Mantis Was Framed!

Bug lovers will recall that the female praying mantis cannibalizes the head of her sexual partner upon mating. Turns out this may not entirely accurate. » 12/01/10 2:20pm 12/01/10 2:20pm

Bush Cricket Has The Biggest Balls

Ladies! Meet the bush cricket, whose testicles—at 14% of their body weight—are the largest of any species. Scientists speculate that their massive junk allows them to "mate repeatedly" and win locker room bragging rights. » 11/10/10 10:50am 11/10/10 10:50am

Possibly Insane Woman Catches 4 Million Mosquitoes

Huang Yu-yen of Taiwan won $3,000 for catching about four million mosquitoes in a month in a contest held by an insect trap manufacturing company. Her catch weighed 3lbs 5oz and may earn her a Guinness World Record. » 8/02/10 2:13pm 8/02/10 2:13pm

Scientists Need Your Help Locating Lost Ladybugs

Ten years ago, scientists started the Lost Ladybug Project to find out why the beneficial insects' populations are declining. So far they've collected more than 7,000 photos from the public and they're hoping to receive 100 more this summer. » 7/27/10 11:21am 7/27/10 11:21am