Zac Efron Was in Rehab For Booze, Cocaine, Molly Or All Of The Above

Turnz out everyone's favorite shirtless chest Zac Efron did a stint in rehab five months ago, while filming the upcoming Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors. E! claims it was for drinking, while TMZ says it was molly and coke — and that earlier this year Efron and some friends went on a flop-sweaty rager and caused $50,000… » 9/18/13 9:00am 9/18/13 9:00am

OKCupid Juggalos Are Ready to Rescue You From Your Tower of Loneliness

Are you a Juggalette searching for her perfect Juggalo? Have none of the old methods of dating worked for you? Then you might want to try OKCupid Juggalos where your knight in shining Violent J makeup could be waiting to rescue you from your tower of loneliness and Faygo cans. » 5/21/13 7:00pm 5/21/13 7:00pm

World's Least Creative Russian Politician Calls Madonna a Whore

Like she's never heard that before. Please. Try harder. Russian deputy premier Dmitry Rogozin—apparently not a Pussy Riot fan—had some less than friendly words for our gal Madge. "Every former w. wants to give lectures on morality when she grows old," he tweeted. "Especially during foreign tours." Apparently in… » 8/10/12 9:00pm 8/10/12 9:00pm