Ingrid Newkirk: Even Blood Suckers Are Cuter Than Cheney

Last night, PETA president/Gaultier nemesis Ingrid Newkirk dropped by The Colbert Report to talk about one of our favorite topics — animals — and one of our less-favorite topics, sexism. (Meaning: the somewhat questionable practices utilized by PETA to covey its message.) And though Stephen Colbert didn't grill… » 2/29/08 2:30pm 2/29/08 2:30pm

PETA Founder Thinks Fur Is Yucky, Alexander McQueen Is 'Desperate'

When we open our mail most people tend to fear things like, oh, tons of bills and the mailers from the Episcopal church. Not so much for PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, who "knows that finding a bloody animal organ or a vicious death threat is not just likely — it's expected." Depending on your POV, Newkirk is a freedom… » 11/21/07 3:30pm 11/21/07 3:30pm