Could This Be The Next Snuggie?

Finally, a product for people who love eye masks, but hate breathing freely from their mouths! The Snazzy Napper is poised to be the next infomercial sensation — surely the public will handle any resemblance to the niqāb with class. » 8/20/10 2:05pm 8/20/10 2:05pm

Life: Ur Doing It Wrong

Ever noticed how incredibly incompetent the people in infomercials are? Blankets are difficult to use, hairspray is a nightmare, and cracking eggs is hard. The best (read: worst) moments in domestic Fail, after the jump. [BoingBoing] » 4/22/10 3:30pm 4/22/10 3:30pm

Tape Yourself Thin With "Instant Arm Lift"

"Instant Arm (and Leg) Lift" is strips of adhesive tape intended to pull up saggy or flabby skin on a woman's arms and thighs. It's suspicious, physics-wise, but it was made by a woman, for women, so it must work! » 12/07/09 4:00pm 12/07/09 4:00pm

New Product Alert: "The Freedom Tray"

Tired of lugging fast food around in individual bags? Now with this exciting new product (a tray! or a trough, whatever) you won't have to! Silly product, silly commercial. Clip above. [Warming Glow] » 12/02/09 12:20pm 12/02/09 12:20pm

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Trip Down Wacky Hair Infomercial Lane

Inspired by ScarletBegonia's Hairagami memories in this post, I decided to compile a list of infomerical hair products that have since made their way into the style graveyard. Oh, Topsy Tail! We hardly knew ye! » 7/26/09 4:00pm 7/26/09 4:00pm

The PedEgg: Saving Your Soles And Your Cents

There are few certainties in this crazy world of ours, but there are some things you can always count on: the sun always rises, the moon is there, even when you can't see it, and the hands on the clock will keep moving, whether you want them to or not. Oh, and also: if you're watching television on a Saturday morning,… » 10/11/08 12:45pm 10/11/08 12:45pm

ANTM Graveyard: Infomercials Are Where Models' Careers Go To Die

Check out this clip from the mini-infomercial for Sheer Cover, the "magical" mineral makeup powder foundation. It features Yoanna House, Top Model winner from Cycle 2, and Naima Mora, Top Model winner from Cycle 4. This is what they're doing now — posing for the "before" shots for "magical" makeup. The kicker is that… » 12/06/07 7:30pm 12/06/07 7:30pm