Tampons in Argentina Cost $30 a Box, If You Can Get Them

Argentina is known for a few things: natural resources like iron ore and zinc, Madonna's portrayal of Eva Perón, government corruption. And since the country is having problems with the latter—in particular, crippling inflation that's caused the price of imports as a result because no one wants to do business with a… »1/10/15 1:45pm1/10/15 1:45pm

Only Coloreds And Communists Are Going To Vote For Obama, Cont'd…

  • "Whether it's Billy Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn, Tom Hayden or Jane Fonda, or any of the other lesser-knowns, 60s Marxist radicals are lining up behind Obama." [National Review]
  • And like check this quote from Francis Fukuyama that acid-dropping borderline ecoterrorist: "It needs to do some symbolic things like, we…
  • »5/27/08 6:30pm5/27/08 6:30pm