Oprah's Last Show Features Crapload Of Stars

Oprah's finale — taped last night — involved a steaming heap of celebrities, including Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O'Donnell, Simon Cowell, Maya Angelou, Tyler Perry, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Usher and Maria Shriver. Oh, and Will Smith. And Katie Holmes. And Kristin Chenoweth. AND. Tom Hanks.… » 5/18/11 9:00am 5/18/11 9:00am

Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels Shitty About His Body

"I feel terrific about where I am in my life, when I look back at what I've accomplished," 63-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger says in the new issue of Newsweek. "But I feel shitty when I look at myself in the mirror." Finally! A poor-body-image-sufferer who isn't a woman. » 4/18/11 4:03pm 4/18/11 4:03pm

Is January Jones Borrowing Accessories From Mad Men?

[No, no, no. Kidding. She's obviously Just inspired by menswear. Specifically the hat and the shoes. Maybe the bag, too? Not so much the socks, which have hearts and tiny Eiffel Towers on them, though they are super cute. Los Feliz, February 17. Image via INFDaily.] » 2/20/11 12:10pm 2/20/11 12:10pm

Boots & Camel Colors For Katherine Heigl & Naleigh

[Talk about a ridiculously adorable little kid. Talk about super cute little boots! Talk about stylish. Talk about dressing to compliment Mommy. Talk about wondering how much Mommy's coat cost… Something tells us it's not from Old Navy. New York, February 12. Image via INFDaily.] » 2/14/11 3:05pm 2/14/11 3:05pm

What Kind Of Music Is January Jones Listening To?

[A guess: Burt Bacharach. Anyway, this is a different dog than the one with whom we previously saw her playing fetch, is it not? Does she take them out separately? Was that other dog someone else's? So many questions. Los Angeles, February 10. Image via INFDaily.] » 2/11/11 1:17pm 2/11/11 1:17pm

That Guy Better Not Get Too Close To Kim Kardashian's Coat

[Studs, On a trench coat. Hmm. Extra weight, one would think. Or perhaps not. Maybe rich people's clothes are made from magic weightless polymers so that garments just hover around your form like fashionable clouds. New York, February 8. Image via INFDaily.] » 2/08/11 6:20pm 2/08/11 6:20pm

Sandra Bullock Keeps The Baby Bundled Up

[It seems like that hat is too big for little Louis. On the upside, his tiny boots are beyond adorable. And we're digging Sandy's "you mustn't look into my eyes" cop shades as well. New York, February 8. Image via INFDaily.] » 2/08/11 1:15pm 2/08/11 1:15pm