Indiana Jones 4: The Kingdom Of The Crystal Dull

Can you believe they're still trying to crank cash out of the Indiana Jones franchise? After three movies, a TV show, toys, games, and even an theme ride at Disneyland? The film opens today and surprise! it is totally boring. [I saw it last night and the meh outweighed the LOL. Two guys in the theater were dressed as… » 5/22/08 4:00pm 5/22/08 4:00pm

Hollywood's Women Problem Is A Case Of Arrested Development

There are few good parts for women in Hollywood right now. This is an incontrovertible fact. When you become a woman of a certain age, somewhere after 30 and before the hot flashes begin, there are no parts at all. Karen Allen, 56, who will be in the new Indiana Jones movie reprising her role as the plucky Marion… » 5/19/08 1:30pm 5/19/08 1:30pm