Victoria's Secret's Racist Garbage Is Just Asking for a Boycott

Last week, the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion show was held in New York, recorded to air on network television on December 4. During the show, model Karlie Kloss wore a Native American headdress. Outrage at the offensive costume was immediate; over the weekend, Victoria's Secret apologized and said the televised… » 11/12/12 2:00pm 11/12/12 2:00pm

Meet Native Max, the New Native American Fashion Mag

Twenty-one-year-old Kelly Holmes, who grew up on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, has started Native Max, a fashion/style publication for Native American men and women — and non-Native Americans who want to learn about the culture. "There's really no magazine, a Native-owned and operated, Native-designed… » 10/17/12 6:00pm 10/17/12 6:00pm

Rapes on Indian Reservations Reach Epidemic Proportions

It's not hard to come up with a pretty long list of the ways in which Native Americans have been mistreated and abused by this country's government, but in addition to all of the horrors they've endured throughout history, there's now a very modern problem facing people living on reservations: they experience… » 5/24/12 10:25am 5/24/12 10:25am

The Most WTF Navajo-Inspired Clothing And Accessories

Urban Outfitters may have been the recipient of a cease-and-desist letter from the Navajo Nation, which, as the holder of several trademarks on the word "Navajo," is seeking to stop the company from using "Navajo" in its product names and descriptions, but the current vogue for "Navajo"-inspired (and Native… » 10/12/11 6:10pm 10/12/11 6:10pm

Paris Hilton Goes As Insensitive Racist For Halloween

Paris showed up at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. wearing something like the "seductive squaw" costume that our brosite deemed racist. If she'd added a long black wig, it could have been Cher! Instead it was just racist. » 11/01/10 9:52am 11/01/10 9:52am

Online Dating And The Real "Stuff White People Like"

What makes a culture unique? What tastes, interests, and concepts define an ethnicity? These are big questions, and here's how we answered them. » 9/10/10 3:26pm 9/10/10 3:26pm

"Poisoned Pills:" What IHS Tells Us About Health Care, The Public…

Sen. Russ Feingold is thrilled: a deal toward a public option is creeping forward. However, the abortion battle still threatens to derail progress on health care - and history has always shown us how this could play out. » 12/07/09 10:00am 12/07/09 10:00am