15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at the Hospital 

On January 26, a teenage girl in Jamshedpur, India, was reportedly raped by a teenage boy in the Parsudih area of the city. Police arrested her assailant, and took the girl—reported in most places to be 15, and in a few as 13—to the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital for treatment. On Sunday night, police…


Beyoncé & Coldplay Go to India For Latest Video and It Gets Hairy

Bey’s collaboration with Coldplay, presumably to be debuted publicly at Superbowl halftime, is called “Hymn for the Weekend” and now has a video, shot in Mumbai, with a guest appearance from the beloved Punjabi actress Sonam Kapoor, of Bollywood fame. Directed by Ben Mor, it depicts street scenes and curious, probably…

Priyanka Chopra Shines In ABC's Intriguing Terrorism Mystery Quantico

ABC’s diversity train is not slowing down with the debut of Quantico, an FBI crime drama starring Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as a steely female agent. It’s a feminist series led by an Indian actress, which is groundbreaking in itself. Let’s see whether the thriller does, or does not, make viewers tune in.

MIA's New Video Elevates Badass South Asian Warrior Women

Though MIA’s 2013 album, Matangi, was generally well received, it was not well understood. This was, in part, because of many Western music critics’ lack of curiosity about cultures outside their own, and specifically the music within; Matangi was an assertion of MIA’s globality, but also centered specifically on a…