After A Rough Start, Baby Rhino Is Now Winning At Life

Six-month-old one-horned rhino Jalada Prasad had a prance party in honor of his public debut Friday at Alipore Zoological Garden in Kolkata, India. Little dude had some rough early months after his mother was killed by poachers. But! He was rescued and nursed back to health, and now appears to be quite the peppy fella. » 3/29/15 8:55pm Sunday 8:55pm

2-Year-Old Girl Breaks Archery Record, Reminds Us We're Failures

While you were busy braying at the moon about the death of One Direction, an Indian two-year-old was kicking ass, taking names and ensuring her triumph and victory in any number of possible dystopian situations (zombies, Hunger Games, The Oregon Trail) in the future. Meet Dolly Shivani Cherukuri, the kid to be envious… » 3/26/15 4:10pm Thursday 4:10pm

Police Detain Eight Suspects in Indian Gang Rape Investigation 

Yesterday, awful news broke that a 74-year-old nun was gang raped during a robbery in eastern Indian. Six men broke into a convent school, stole money, and ransacked the church before gang-raping the elderly nun. Video recording of the six attackers was almost immediately released to the public, along with a $1500… » 3/15/15 12:00pm 3/15/15 12:00pm

Nun Gang-Raped During Robbery in India 

A nun in her 70s was gang-raped by a group of men on Saturday as she attempted to prevent them from robbing a missionary school in eastern India. » 3/14/15 3:00pm 3/14/15 3:00pm

Bride Flees Wedding After Groom Proves He Can't Do Simple Math

When a marriage is arranged, it's not uncommon for a bride to only meet her groom on their wedding day. In order to make sure that the man she was marrying had an education, one bride in the Uttar Pradesh state of India gave her intended a math test on their wedding day. He failed spectacularly. » 3/13/15 2:10pm 3/13/15 2:10pm

Indian Parliament Bans India's Daughter, Cites Global Conspiracy

Indian Parliament has banned India's Daughter, a new documentary about the brutal beating, gang rape and death of Jyoti Singh in 2012, and is requesting other countries to do the same. In response, England's BBC4 television station has moved up their debut of the film from Sunday to Wednesday and Denmark, Sweden,… » 3/04/15 5:30pm 3/04/15 5:30pm

Delhi Bus Gang Rapist Mukesh Singh Blames Victim for Fighting Back 

In 2012, 23-year-old Jyoti Singh was returning from a night at the movies with a male friend in Delhi, India when they caught a ride on a minibus. Inside, six men beat her with iron rods and gang-raped her. She died two days later from her injuries. In a jailhouse interview, one of the men convicted in the attack now… » 3/02/15 10:10am 3/02/15 10:10am

Indian Preacher Allegedly Convinced 400 Men to Remove Their Testicles

An Indian pop-star and tv preacher worth $50 million named Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is under investigation for coercing 400 men to be castrated. According to the Independent he's been doing this for years: » 3/01/15 6:15pm 3/01/15 6:15pm

Uber Introduces New Panic Button in India

In India, Uber is introducing two new ways to make their riders feel safe in the wake of a woman reporting that she'd been raped by her driver—a panic button and a safety net. » 2/09/15 2:40pm 2/09/15 2:40pm

President Obama Bigged Up the Ladies in India, Indians Loved It

During a speech on U.S.-India relations in New Dehli on Tuesday, President Obama said the two countries will only succeed if they empower women and the crowd of 1,500 lost their minds cheering like Beyoncé had just left the stage. Gen-der Equa-lity! Gen-der Equa-lity! » 1/27/15 12:30pm 1/27/15 12:30pm

Indian Factory Workers Strip-Searched Over Used Sanitary Napkin 

Dozens of female factory workers in Kochi, India, were reportedly strip-searched earlier this month, as part of a humiliating "investigation" by their bosses after they found a used sanitary napkin in the factory bathroom. » 12/29/14 2:40pm 12/29/14 2:40pm

Uber Updates Safety Regulations After Alleged Rape in India

Earlier this month, Uber came under fire after a woman in India was reportedly raped by an Uber driver. The incident sparked protests, and the Delhi local government banned all Uber services as well as other unlicensed taxi app services—Uber itself suspended its own operations in the city while reviewing its… » 12/28/14 1:00pm 12/28/14 1:00pm

Enraged Male Fan Assaults Bollywood Actress Over Her Short Dress

On Sunday, the host of an Indian singing competition television show was attacked and slapped in the face by a member of the audience during the taping of the season finale because the man did not approve of her outfit. » 12/01/14 2:45pm 12/01/14 2:45pm

8 Women Killed, Many Hospitalized After Botched Sterilization in India

On Tuesday, health officials in India reported eight deaths and nearly 70 more hospitalizations following a horrific sterilization procedure in a government run "health camp." While mass sterilizations under unsanitary and inhumane conditions like this have been known to lead to the deaths of women, this marks the… » 11/11/14 1:50pm 11/11/14 1:50pm

Indians Are Protesting with #kissoflove to Kiss in Public

Like making out with your boo in public? Is 'Get a room!' hurled at you frequently? Well, count your blessings: your kissing shenanigans are illegal in India, a country where strict anti- PDA laws have spurred public kissing protests. » 11/06/14 11:00am 11/06/14 11:00am

Watch This Rad Feminist Short Film of Girls Playing Soccer in Jodhpur

In this short film, feminist film director and fashion photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhury captured a group of girls (and an elephant!) playing soccer in the streets of Jodhpur. It's a jubilant, sweet clip and and if you think there's an underlying feminist message, yup. » 9/26/14 7:20pm 9/26/14 7:20pm

​Meet India's First Transgender TV News Anchor

Last week, on India's Independence Day, Padmini Prakash became the first transgender woman to read the news on live TV, a great step for the country who legally recognized third gender citizens back in April. » 9/21/14 5:15pm 9/21/14 5:15pm

Indian Woman Kills Leopard In Epic Fight To The Death

It was a battle that raged for nearly a half-hour. A 56-year-old Indian woman — armed with only farm tools — is now recovering in hospital after killing a leopard that attacked her. » 8/27/14 10:10pm 8/27/14 10:10pm