Sexually Active Young Women Are Literally Peeing Their Pants

It's been widely believed that having a baby can cause problems of lifelong urinary incontinence for women. But it turns out that it's just as common in young women who have never been pregnant, according to a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Of the 1,002 women surveyed—ages 16 to 30 who had… »7/18/12 10:50am7/18/12 10:50am


Coffee, Tea & Pee: Female Incontinence Can Be A Laughing Matter

Who among us has not »9/17/08 9:30am9/17/08 9:30am laughed so hard she peed her pants a little? Well a new study published in the current edition of the shows that almost 25% of women will experience after the age of 20, with the levels of incontinence rising with age. According to , "childbirth, which can weaken pelvic floor muscles, is the…

Swimmers Swoon Simultaneously; Brady Bunches Are Bad For Offspring

PR firm survey finds that people trust average-looking, well-mannered men the most. • Dorky shoes grow with kids' feet. • Three synchronized swimmers faint simultaneously while in pool practicing. • Testosterone for women will not increase sex drive. • Stereotypes can lead to success! Or, uh, failure. • Everyone can… »4/22/08 5:40pm4/22/08 5:40pm