Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Stealing His Sperm To Get Pregnant

Ladies, men have finally caught on to our dastardly plot. Our days of stealing used condoms to collect their precious seed, running off to a shady fertility clinic, getting pregnant, then living large on $800 per month are numbered. A Houston man is suing his ex-girlfriend for undergoing fertility treatments without… »11/28/11 12:30pm11/28/11 12:30pm

Researchers Working Furiously To Conceive Male Birth Control

Male birth control, like the Arrested Development movie, keeps being dangled tantalizingly in front of American's faces, just out of reach but reportedly on its way. In the past, male birth control choices have been limited- vasectomies (which are hurty) and condoms (which are for dirty sailors, at least according to… »7/24/11 11:33am7/24/11 11:33am