Inspirational: 11-Year-Old Transgender Girl Writes Seriously Great Response to Obama's Inauguration Speech

Sadie is an 11-year-old kid who loves reading, swimming, texting her friends, and Justin Bieber. Oh, and she's also transgender — she socially transitioned from male to female in Kindergarden — and already more comfortable with herself than most adults we know. (Her mother told HuffPo that she introduces herself to… »1/24/13 5:15pm1/24/13 5:15pm

Most Annoying Anti-Abortion Protestor Ever Is Banned From D.C.

Rives Miller Grogan is an adult man who likes to clamber for attention by clutching dolls while screaming at groups of people and climbing trees to avoid confrontation. Surprise: he's an anti-abortion activist! Now, he's officially banned from the District of Columbia after scurrying up a 40-foot tree on Inauguration… »1/24/13 12:10pm1/24/13 12:10pm

Beyonce 'Didn't Think There Was Anything Wrong' with Crushing Our Patriotic Dreams

It looks to be official—Beyonce did, in fact, lip-sync the "Star Spangled Banner" to a pre-recorded track at Monday's inauguration. Which is obviously unacceptable, because...because...it deprived the people of America of the chance to hear our national anthem belted into a frigid and acoustic-less void and almost… »1/23/13 8:00pm1/23/13 8:00pm

Beyonce's Emerald Earrings Cost More Than Your Dream House (with Gold Pool) (and Gold Lifeguard)

The sparkly green rocks that hung from Beyonce's earlobes at the inauguration are reportedly worth 1.8 million dollars. Created by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who said she, like most people, designs with Beyonce in mind, and knew the earrings would be on display during Queen Bey's big solo. »1/22/13 10:30pm1/22/13 10:30pm

Jennifer Hudson Serenades Michelle Obama and Her Husband at the Inaugural Ball's First Dance

Jennifer Hudson in a sleek black gown sings an intense version of Al Green's Let's Stay Together as our first couple sweetly sways. It's like a scene from a fairytale! I wish I was sandwiched between them, grooving to the vocal stylings of Ms. Hudson as Michelle Obama strokes my hair and tells me it's all gonna be… »1/22/13 12:00am1/22/13 12:00am

Prince Harry Says He 'Can't Wait' to Be an Uncle and Also Don't Forget About His Nude Penis, Please

Poor Prince Harry. I had already completely forgotten about when Prince Harry showed his prince hairy that one time, and if he just hadn't mentioned it to this reporter whilst answering questions about his baby-nephew-or-niece-to-be, I would probably have never thought about it again. But, ALAS. Prince hairy. Anyhooz,… »1/21/13 8:00pm1/21/13 8:00pm

Beyoncé Doesn't Need a Stupid Earpiece and Other Musical Moments from Today's Inauguration Ceremony

Such a pity — Senator Charles Schumer went on about the dome of the capitol only to have Beyonce sing the Star-Spangled Banner and blow the roof off the joint. And she wasn't even inside! Yes, Bey was the star of the show (other than, you know, the President and Vice President) and deservedly so. Watch how she tears… »1/21/13 4:40pm1/21/13 4:40pm

President/Valedictorian Obama Gets Sweetly Nostalgic Following the Inaugural Address

C-SPAN caught a tender moment following today's inaugural proceedings when President Barack Obama, like a misty-eyed high school senior, paused upon exiting to take one last look at the crowd. While the audio is a little muffled, you can hear him remark "I want to take a look one more time. I'm not going to see this… »1/21/13 2:45pm1/21/13 2:45pm

Meet the First Woman to Ever Deliver a Presidential Inaugural Invocation

It's kind of incredible that today will mark the first time that a woman delivers a prayer at a presidential inauguration. But Myrlie Evers-Williams, the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers and a civil rights organizer in her own right, is the perfect woman for the job, especially for an inauguration… »1/21/13 9:30am1/21/13 9:30am

Michelle Obama Tweets Pic of Katy Perry Performing at What Looks to Be the Best Inauguration Party

The FLOTUS tweeted a photo of Katy Perry closing out the Kids' Inaugural Concert for military families yesterday. Not gonna lie, really wish I'd been there because you know it was a non-stop dance party. Also, not gonna lie some more, I kinda love Perry's American flag-inspired bustier with built-in pom-pom undies.… »1/21/13 12:00am1/21/13 12:00am

Lady Gaga Will Treat White House Staffers to Her Musical Stylings During the Inauguration Festivities

There's a rumor spreading around Washington D.C. faster than the latest iteration of flu: Lady Gaga will perform at Tuesday's ball for White House staffers. If you're a White House staffer, you're probably thinking to yourself, "I won't believe this, I can't believe this — life has disappointed me too many times for… »1/19/13 4:00pm1/19/13 4:00pm