White Women Are More Likely Than Other Races To Succeed At IVF

New research into In Vitro Fertilization success rates has revealed a curious trend: white ladies are more likely to successfully become pregnant as a result of the procedure than women of other ethnic backgrounds, and scientists say they can't figure out why. It's a white mystery, not unlike that confusing flavor of… »11/06/13 1:15pm11/06/13 1:15pm


No One Is Going To Help You Pay For Your Fancy Egg Freezing

Being a woman means that making permanent decisions about reproduction must occur within a time frame that, for many of us, predates a time frame when we can be trusted to responsibly select an appropriate paint color for the living room (not terra cotta. It makes being in the living room feel like slowly going… »10/23/13 6:30pm10/23/13 6:30pm

Embryo Adoption: This Is Really a Thing That Is Happening

Who knew that "Every Sperm is Sacred" would be an anthem of the now-inevitable nadir of the abortion debate? Case in point: Evangelical couples doing their part to save babies by adopting... other couples' frozen embryos. And then unfreezing the embryos, implanting them in evangelical wombs, giving birth to them, and… »9/14/12 11:45am9/14/12 11:45am

Catholic School Fires Teacher for Getting Sinful Fertility Treatments

For a faith seemingly hell-bent on supporting the creation of life whether a mother wants it or not, the Catholic Church's position on fertility treatments is confusing at best. But it turned out to be a particularly thorny issue for one teacher at a Catholic school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was fired after she… »4/26/12 11:20am4/26/12 11:20am

Are Fertility Finance Companies as Shady as They Seem?

Fertility finance companies lend women money for in vitro fertilization procedures, and their industry is booming, thanks to the recession, which has made home equity and credit card loans — the most common ways couples pay for expensive fertility treatments — harder to come by. But are the companies, which often… »2/25/12 12:40pm2/25/12 12:40pm

Parents Fight To Use Dead Son's Sperm To Create Posthumous Grandchild

Last fall, 27-year-old Ohad Ben-Yaakov was injured in an accident at his part-time job, and he died after two weeks in a coma. Ben-Yaakov wasn't married, nor was he in a relationship. No woman was pregnant with his child. Nevertheless, his devastated parents believe it's not too late for them to become the… »3/28/11 12:56pm3/28/11 12:56pm

Babies conceived through medical procedures used in fertility clinics are two to four times more lik
Babies conceived through medical procedures used in fertility clinics are two to four times more likely to have certain birth defects than infants conceived naturally, according to a new study. The defects include heart problems, cleft lip, cleft palate and abnormalities in the esophagus or rectum, according to the… »11/18/08 12:20pm11/18/08 12:20pm