The Lady's Guide to the Big, Throbbing Immigration Reform Bill

Slip into something more comfortable and let your mind wander to its darkest, dirtiest corners, because it's about to get really fucking sexy in here: who wants to talk immigration reform? Thick, rock hard immigration reform? The immigration reform bill the US Senate just passed might not be the sexiest, or even,… »7/01/13 11:40am7/01/13 11:40am

Senator Wants to Force New Immigrants to Speak English USA! USA! USA!

Florida Senator and varsity-level combover artist Marco Rubio has taken a break from his busy schedule of practicing "I'm Very Concerned" facial expressions in a mirror to introduce proposed changes to immigration reform legislation that would strengthen the requirement that aspirant US citizens demonstrate… »6/11/13 12:30pm6/11/13 12:30pm

Everything You Didn't Want To Know About Dov Charney And Weren't Afraid To Ask

The NY Observer wants to know why, in a month that might arguably be called financially eventful, Conde Nast Portfolio has put old-newsy sleaze-monger Dov Charney on its cover. They raise a good point: the American Apparel founder's creepiness, idiosyncrasies, success and commitment to "vertically-integrated… »10/17/08 3:00pm10/17/08 3:00pm

Keeping The Homeland Safe From Gay Latinos, Regardless Of The Cost

After yesterday's story »8/12/08 2:20pm8/12/08 2:20pm about "Nichole," who is being spared deportation (for now) due to her sexuality, the has about gay asylum seekers from Latin America. In 1994, then-Attorney General Janet Reno ruled that asylum seekers could legally argue that they needed asylum because they would be persecuted for their…