Famously Awful 5th Circuit Rules Against Obama Immigration Plan, Paving Way for Supreme Court Battle 

The exceedingly conservative 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against an Obama administration plan that would have allowed millions of undocumented families to remain in the country. On Monday night, the 5th agreed with a lower court, ruling that the immigration plan couldn’t be enforced while 26 states are… »11/10/15 5:15pm11/10/15 5:15pm

Anthony Bourdain on Trump as President: 'Every Restaurant in America Would Shut Down'

Anthony Bourdain has become the latest celebrity chef to express his opinion of Donald Trump’s insane immigration plan. During an interview on SiriusXM’s StandUp With Pete Dominick, the television personality defended undocumented immigrants, many of whom he had worked with during his thirty years in the restaurant… »10/30/15 4:05pm10/30/15 4:05pm

Judge Rules That Texas Can Deny Birth Certificates to Immigrants' Children 

Today in terrible news out of Texas: U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman has denied an injunction sought by immigrant families seeking birth certificates for their children after the state refused to recognize foreign-issued passports and other documentation as acceptable forms of parental identification. »10/17/15 11:15am10/17/15 11:15am

Hispanic Chamber of Congress Says Trump Pulled Out of Meeting to Appease Anti-Latino Base

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the biggest Latino business organization in the country, says Trump agreed to participate in a Q&A this month but cancelled out of nowhere because, the Chamber posits, he was afraid of alienating the frenzied anti-Latino masses that form much of his base. »10/02/15 4:00pm10/02/15 4:00pm

Anti-Abortion Activist Troy Newman Deported From Australia, Calls Himself a 'Political Prisoner'

The anti-abortion activist Troy Newman, who currently heads Operation Rescue and who sits on the board for the Center for Medical Progress, has been ordered deported from Australia. Newman flew to Melbourne despite knowing his visa had been cancelled. He is being held at an immigration detention center until he is… »10/02/15 10:50am10/02/15 10:50am

Scott Walker Wants to Build a Wall Between the US and Canada

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the annoying kid in your government class who elicited groans every time he opened his mouth about “the immigrant problem” or “what we should do about the middle east,” look no further than presidential candidate Scott Walker. The man who has never answered one question… »8/31/15 1:04pm8/31/15 1:04pm

Questioning Trump's Insane Immigration Plan Doesn't Make Mexican-American Journalist an 'Activist'

After Jorge Ramos, Univision/Fusion anchor and one of the best journalists on television, was attacked by Donald Trump for doing his job, the Washington Post thought it prudent to run a story about how Ramos is becoming an “activist” because he cares about immigration reform, like so many other immigrants. »8/26/15 2:45pm8/26/15 2:45pm

For SoCal Girls Like Me, Romeo Santos and Bachata (Almost) Sound Like Home


When Romeo Santos walked offstage toward the pump fake ending of the first of his three Barclays Center performances last month, the crowd of Romeístas was unified in our ravenous desire for more. “PROPUESTA INDECENTE!” we all screamed, playing along despite knowing full well the King of Bachata wouldn’t let the night… »8/25/15 10:40am8/25/15 10:40am

Migrant Women Freed from Detention Still Forced to Wear Ankle Monitors

Attorneys for migrant women freed from South Texas detention facilities earlier this month say their clients are being forced to wear ankle monitors by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The lawyers also say the release process has been full of “coercion, disorganization, and confusion,” and that the women are… »7/27/15 4:50pm7/27/15 4:50pm

Mike Huckabee: Donald Trump Isn't Racist, Just 'A Plain-Spoken Guy'

In an already-forgotten ad aired earlier this year, Mike Huckabee’s America Takes Action group said illegal immigration leads to a “bad element” coming into the country, including “drug runners, terrorists and human traffickers”—all of this according to a rancher in the ad, who acts as a Huckabee mouthpiece. »7/14/15 12:50pm7/14/15 12:50pm