Pregnant Immigrants Are Detained Far More Than Officials Will Admit

Though the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says pregnant women should rarely be held at detention facilities, Fusion has been keeping track of individuals who are being detained and far more of them are pregnant than ICE would like to admit. » 4/09/14 12:20pm 4/09/14 12:20pm

Texas Conservative Students Plan Awful 'Catch Illegal Immigrants' Game

Everyone's favorite chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas is back with another shitty publicity stunt meant to foster dialogue about the issues at the University of Texas in Austin. After they hit the scene with their Affirmative Action Bake Sale (copied from the College Republicans of UC Berkeley) where they sold… » 11/18/13 3:50pm 11/18/13 3:50pm

Daily Show Manages to Find the Biggest Immigration Reform Idiot Alive

It must be nice to live in a brain that's free of any critical thought or logic. All of your personal truths could be based in feelings like fear or greed and all of your reactions could be gut reactions. You'd never have to "read reports" or "look at facts." Think about it! (You would never have to think about it!) » 10/11/13 12:10pm 10/11/13 12:10pm

Republican Tells Little Girl He'd Deport Her Dad, Crowd Cheers Wildly

What do you get when you take one well-known philandering Tea Partying Congressman who— let's face it — looks a lot like a penis, a little girl whose father is an undocumented immigrant who would get deported if aforementioned penis-pol had his way, and a room full of Tea Party voters? FUN TIMES galore! » 8/19/13 6:15pm 8/19/13 6:15pm

Rep. Steve King Thinks Most Immigrants Are Evil Marijuana Smugglers

Rep. Steve King, not to be confused with another raging xenophobe, Rep. Peter King, is a raging xenophobe. This much we know. He's the one who brought his cool little miniature electrical fence he made to protect our border with Mexico on the House floor back in the day, like a sinister Boy Scout. He's the one who said … » 7/23/13 6:15pm 7/23/13 6:15pm

The Lady's Guide to the Big, Throbbing Immigration Reform Bill

Slip into something more comfortable and let your mind wander to its darkest, dirtiest corners, because it's about to get really fucking sexy in here: who wants to talk immigration reform? Thick, rock hard immigration reform? The immigration reform bill the US Senate just passed might not be the sexiest, or even, like, … » 7/01/13 11:40am 7/01/13 11:40am

Italy’s First Black National Officer Faced Shitty Facebook Racism

When Prime Minister Enrico Letta offered to make Congo-born medical doctor Cécile Kyenge the country’s first black national official ever by appointing her to be minister of integration, it should have signaled a new era of political diversity in Italy. After all, the country’s immigrant population is growing, doubling… » 6/23/13 2:30pm 6/23/13 2:30pm

Female Senator Points Out Immigration Bill Kinda Screws Women Over

Are you a member of the teeming huddled masses? Are you a foreigner who has been exhibiting symptoms of the American Dream for two weeks without relief? Well, help is on the way in the form of a massive immigration overhaul that has a good chance of passing by the 4th of July (or dying, and in the process doing even… » 6/14/13 4:15pm 6/14/13 4:15pm

Senator Wants to Force New Immigrants to Speak English USA! USA! USA!

Florida Senator and varsity-level combover artist Marco Rubio has taken a break from his busy schedule of practicing "I'm Very Concerned" facial expressions in a mirror to introduce proposed changes to immigration reform legislation that would strengthen the requirement that aspirant US citizens demonstrate proficiency… » 6/11/13 12:30pm 6/11/13 12:30pm

Immigrants Are Literally Swimming to Mexico for Reproductive Healthcare

Let's talk about what immigration reform means for migrant women's rights. According to a policy analysis by the Latina Institute (via this excellent Dissent piece) “the majority of undocumented immigrant women do not have access to affordable health insurance,” and “immigrant women are less likely to receive adequate… » 4/24/13 5:20pm 4/24/13 5:20pm

New York Times Shamefully Wishy-Washy on Use of 'Illegal Immigrant'

Claiming a concern for journalistic integrity, the New York Times announced today that they won't abolish the term "illegal immigrant" — although they cautioned their writers and reporters to use care with it. Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards, wrote "illegal immigrant may be used to describe… » 4/23/13 9:30pm 4/23/13 9:30pm

The Gross Gender Imbalance in the Visa Program for Skilled STEM Workers

On Monday, a whopping four members of the Senate Judiciary Committee convened to hear testimony about the H-1B visa program, which helps U.S. employers temporarily employ foreign workers in highly-specialized occupations. These are usually STEM occupations, and, according to yesterday's stark testimony from engineer… » 3/19/13 12:55pm 3/19/13 12:55pm

Mexican Parents Denied Entry to the U.S. to Say Goodbye to Their Dying …

Well, here's a double whammy of saddening and maddening. This past Sunday, Maria Sanchez, 26, died in her Houston home from the effects of an inoperable spinal tumor. Just four days earlier U.S. Customs and Border Protection denied a humanitarian parole to her parents, so they were unable to see their daughter on her… » 1/09/13 10:25am 1/09/13 10:25am

GOP Senator Says Immigrants Who Want U.S. Citizenship Can Just Marry…

After Latino voters overwhelmingly supported President Obama, immigration reform suddenly became a hot topic for Republicans. I don't know, it's just one of those totally random things. However, since some members of the GOP establishment haven't been programmed with human feelings (yet!), the results of their efforts … » 11/27/12 10:00pm 11/27/12 10:00pm