Woman Possibly Killed in 1832 Mass Murder Returned to Ireland for Burial

In 1832, 29-year-old widow Catherine Burns left Derry, Northern Ireland for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she would soon find work at Duffy’s Cut, a railroad construction site staffed by Irish Catholics about thirty miles outside the city. Less than two months later, Catherine—and several others—would disappear… »7/23/15 6:00pm7/23/15 6:00pm


Miss USA Contestants Are Not Cool With Donald Trump's Racism

After Donald Trump, GOP presidential candidate and bone-in ham, said that Mexicans were sending criminals and rapists over the border, NBC and Univision cut ties with Trump and his Miss Universe Organization. Miss USA contestants, though, are just going to stick around and compete anyway, because that’s kind of their… »7/07/15 11:45pm7/07/15 11:45pm

America, You Are Getting Really Shitty At Having Babies

New data released by the Pew Research Center has shown that the American birth rate dropped 8% between 2007 and 2010, putting the 2010 birth rate at its lowest level since 1920, the first year that we were even keeping track of this sort of thing. Guess this means that my Facebook friends are the last people in this… »11/29/12 6:25pm11/29/12 6:25pm

Israelis Use DNA To Catch Puppy Poopers • Gardasil Vaccine May Be Mandatory For Immigrants

• A suburb of Tel Aviv will use DNA found in dog poop »9/16/08 5:30pm9/16/08 5:30pm will reward and punish dog owners who properly (or improperly) dispose of their pup's droppings on the street. • Meet 5 "Fiesty" , including Margaret Truman Daniel (President Truman's daughter) who co-hosted a radio program with Mike Wallace, and Elizabeth…
Olivia Tamayo, a farmworker in California's Central Valley, won a $1 million sexual harassment lawsu

Olivia Tamayo, a farmworker in California's Central Valley, won a $1 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Harris Farms after her supervisor raped her repeatedly and the company's only solution to the problem was to move her closer to her rapist's house. Although Tamayo gained a victory against sexual harassment… »5/20/08 10:45am5/20/08 10:45am

Immigration Official Makes Colombian Woman Do Oral For Green Card

Get a load of this guy. His name is Isaac Baichu, and he's an immigration official who told a 21-year-old Colombian woman last December that he would not get her a green card unless she gave him a blowjob. Oh, and some sex. She just had to do it with him "one or two times," he told her. "That's all. You get your green… »3/21/08 1:00pm3/21/08 1:00pm