Iman and Naomi Campbell Fight Back Against Racism on the Runway

In what GMA is calling an "unprecedented" move, supermodels Iman, Naomi Campbell and Bethann Hardison are going after racism on the runway and publicly calling out the designers who fail to hire a diverse cast of models. While it's not actually unprecedented Jezebel's own Jenna Sauers and Dodai Stewart have been… »9/09/13 3:25pm9/09/13 3:25pm

David Bowie's Latest Glorious Vision Features Tilda Swinton, Saskia De Brauw, and Andrej Pejic

The video for David Bowie's smooth new track "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" shows Bowie and Swinton as an old-school married couple (with amazing hair, the both) whose lives are disrupted when a gorgeous celebrity couple — played by models Andrej Pejic and Saskia De Brauw — move in next door. Beautiful, bizarre… »2/26/13 12:00am2/26/13 12:00am

Celebs Channel Black Swan and the Rare Red Swan at the New York City Ballet Gala

Last night, a small galaxy of fashionable stars hit Lincoln Center for the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. This season, Valentino is designing for the ballet, creating stunning handmade costumes (some of which you can see here). With a big name couture designer involved, you expect some fancy-ass red carpet ensembles,… »9/21/12 1:40pm9/21/12 1:40pm

Iman Says Italian Vogue "Might As Well Have Called" Those Slave Earrings "N— Earrings"

Iman doesn't mince words when asked her opinion of the "Slave Earrings" story Vogue Italia published: "I didn't like it. Slave does not make it ethnic. Mind you, it's not lost in translation — the word slave, we know what it is. They might as well have called them 'n***** earrings.'" Vogue pulled the big-earrings… »8/24/11 12:45pm8/24/11 12:45pm