Mad Men To Go On For Three More Seasons

The epic bureaucratic deadlock keeping you and your boyfriend Jon Hamm apart has finally ended, as it appears that the show will be back for a fifth season starting next January. Two more seasons will follow, and at that point, Sterling Cooper Draper Cramer Price Alcoholism Racism & Philanderer, Inc will be closing… » 6/12/11 1:00pm 6/12/11 1:00pm

Amy Sedaris Is Married, Possibly Only In Her Imagination

Last night Amy Sedaris told David Letterman she's married to a man named "Glenn." (She used to live with her imaginary boyfriend Ricky, until he was murdered.) It seems unlikely that Sedaris really married a disabled, diseased merchant marine, but either way, Ricky's ghost must be disappointed. Clip at left. » 5/22/09 3:40pm 5/22/09 3:40pm