Calling It: Justin Bieber Has Released the Three Best Singles of 2015

It pains me to say this, but—wait, no it doesn’t—it delights me to say this: Justin Bieber has released the three best singles of 2015, and there’s still time for him to release more. These aren’t mere flashes in the pan that we’ll forget once Adele and Rihanna drop 25 and Anti, respectively; they’re perfect, timeless… »10/23/15 5:00pm10/23/15 5:00pm


Did This Violinist Make a Justin Bieber Song Enjoyable?

It's always pretty great when a musician can take a song by another musician and make you hear it in a different way. (I'm talking small-scale here, not shit like this.) Take violinist Seth G.'s cover of "Boyfriend," for example. When you heard this song before, you were probably too distracted by the cloyingness of… »10/06/12 1:00pm10/06/12 1:00pm