There's No Way to Know How Many Abortions Happen Each Year

We often hear statistics about abortion, but do you ever wonder where the numbers come from and how accurate they are? In a piece for Slate, L.V. Anderson asks: How do researchers count abortions? » 3/19/13 3:15pm 3/19/13 3:15pm

Mississippi GOP Not So Proud of that Coat Hanger Abortion Endorsement…

Last week, a Mississippi Republican named Bubba Carpenter proudly informed a group of gathered sycophants that his party's push to eliminate abortion from the state had been successful, and that he didn't care that this meant that women there would resort to desperate measures like coat hanger abortions. "But, hey.… » 5/18/12 12:20pm 5/18/12 12:20pm

How To Say "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" In German

Will this alleged "reboot" of Dirty Dancing include the iconic line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner?" All we know is that were it to be made in German, the line would translate to, "My baby belongs to me. Is this clear?" » 8/09/11 5:27pm 8/09/11 5:27pm

Romney Has Conveniently Forgotten His Relative's Botched Abortion

We know Mitt Romney was nebulously pro-choice back when he was simply a Massachusetts politician, and that he has been far less so as a presidential primary candidate — though possibly not enough to satisfy the ever-extreme Republican base. Now, via Salon, we know a bit more about the tragic death of his cousin from… » 8/08/11 1:45pm 8/08/11 1:45pm

Thousands Of Aborted Fetuses Found In Thai Temple

In (let's hope) today's creepiest news story, over two thousand aborted fetuses have been found at a Thai temple, where they were apparently awaiting cremation. And it gets weirder. » 11/19/10 11:57am 11/19/10 11:57am

Illegal Abortions: Brazilian Edition

Abortion is illegal in Brazil, with few exceptions, and it's unlikely to change. Still, "one in 5 Brazilian women of child-bearing age has terminated a pregnancy...200,000 women each year are hospitalized because of complications arising from unsafe abortions." [Time] » 6/02/10 5:20pm 6/02/10 5:20pm

"Intentional" Miscarriage Now Homicide In Utah

Last month, Utah sought to criminalize a woman's "reckless act" that led to miscarriage. Now the governor has signed a bill designating "intentional or knowing" miscarriage as criminal homicide — which really isn't much better. » 3/11/10 12:40pm 3/11/10 12:40pm

I Watched That Romanian Abortion Movie So You Don't Have To

How much of a plot can an abortion movie really have? It was a question oft-posed by the defenders of Knocked Up and Juno against all those haters who accused them of putting dangerous ideas in Jamie Lynn Spears' head. (Oh look, more fresh accusations!) And then came a film out of Romania that dared to state the… » 1/28/08 2:20pm 1/28/08 2:20pm