A First Look at the Beautiful New Furniture IKEA's Bringing To the U.S.

I'll admit it: I love what IKEA's been up to lately. They're making high-tech however affordable desks. They're reissuing simple but sophisticated midcentury modern designs. And now, they're bringing a whole slew of drop dead gorgeous furniture to the United States, much of which is made of solid wood. I love it. »1/08/15 12:57pm1/08/15 12:57pm

This Dude Hilariously Recreated Sia's "Chandelier" Music Video in Ikea

Okay, I absolutely have a soft spot for "Chandelier" parody videos. For some reason it never gets old watching dudes and SNL's Kate McKinnon don a leotard and Sia's signature wig and really go for gold in an attempt to emulate Maddie Ziegler's fantastic and kind of creepy choreography from the original music video. … »12/27/14 2:30pm12/27/14 2:30pm

Ikea's Moose Meat Lasagna Joins the Club of Meat that's Contaminated with Other Meat

Ikea. Girl. I think it's time that we had a talk about how you keep making one kind of meat out of a completely different kind of meat. First, we found out that you kept making your Swedish meatballs out of horse and now it turns out that your moose meat lasagna is mixed up with pork. Now, as has been previously… »4/08/13 11:10am4/08/13 11:10am

Your Favorite Food (This Time, IKEA Meatballs) Is Probably Made of Horse Meat

You may think that you'd never eat horse meat, but the truth is that you love it and can't get enough of it. "More horse meat," your brain and tummy cry whenever you get hungry or just want a snack because, as it turns out, horse meat is in everything. Hamburgers? Horse meat! Ravioli? Horse meat. Water? Super thin,… »2/25/13 11:00am2/25/13 11:00am

IKEA Photoshops Women Out of Its Saudi Arabia Catalog

People in the U.S. and 41 other countries around the globe scour IKEA catalogs to find the exact same cheap, simple furniture with hard-to-pronounce Swedish names, but the company's Saudi Arabian customers have a different shopping experience: there are no women to be found amongst the images of Grundtal shelves and… »10/01/12 3:40pm10/01/12 3:40pm

Did IKEA Once Use East German Political Prisoners to Make Its Sofas?

The thought of IKEA brings up complex emotions in many of us. On the one hand, their furniture is affordable and reasonably attractive, and always seems to fit that spot where you need a shelf. On the other hand, wandering aimlessly through their giant stores is a special kind of retail hell, their furniture tends to… »5/01/12 11:15pm5/01/12 11:15pm

What Is IKEA Doing Spying on Its Employees and Angry Customers?

IKEA seems so friendly and efficient and non-threatening—unless you consider taking over the décor of houses worldwide to be aesthetically threatening—but it seems there might be a darker side to everyone's go-to furniture retailer. The Swedish company is being investigated in France for hiring private detectives to… »3/14/12 10:00pm3/14/12 10:00pm