Which Famous Ribcages Should Play the Leads in the David Bowie/Iggy Pop Biopic?

Sure, it's no Velvet Goldmine sequel, but this is could be just as good if not better: Filmmakers are now in the early stages of developing an Iggy Pop/David Bowie biopic, that — if done right — could be the best movie ever. The film, written by British screenwriter Robin French, will document the pair's very very… »2/08/13 7:20pm2/08/13 7:20pm


Harper's Bazaar Dresses Up Kids Like Pretentious Designers (And It's Totally Awesome)

  • For its 140th anniversary issue, Harper's Bazaar styles little kids to look like mini-versions of our favorite (and not) fashion designers. And oh my god, is it awesome. (Please note mini-Olivier Theyskens, at left.) This is 10 times better than that Simpsons fashion spread, which was itself pretty freaking inspired,…
  • »10/19/07 10:00am10/19/07 10:00am

Outside Nation's Borders Lindsay Lohan Exhibits Totally Uncharacteristic Behavior, Plus This Week's Yoko Ono Award...

  • After a super low-key and abstemious week in New York, Lindsay and Callum Best let loose a bit in the Bahamas at one of those super understated resorts populated by close friends Gloria Estefan, Steve Tyler and the Village People. [Rush & Mulloy]
  • Razorlight concert attracts likes of Kate Bosworth, Mary Kate Olsen,…
  • »5/14/07 8:57am5/14/07 8:57am