Fighting Off Wig-Stealing Drag Queens At 'Night Of A Thousand Stevies'

"Sometimes, the most beautiful thing, the most innocent thing — and many of those dreams — pass us by." Well, my friend Bennett Madison and I were determined not to let the 18th Annual "Night of A Thousand Stevies" (NOTS) pass us by, and if you recognize the quote above as a line from the (best) Stevie Nicks song… »5/13/08 3:00pm

Stephen Colbert To Michael Stipe: "People Want To Hear Songs About Girls"

R.E.M. were on The Colbert Report last night to promote their new album Accelerate, and Colbert had some career advice for Stipe, saying that the band's music was "a little too political... people want to hear songs about girls!" To which Stipe responded, "Yeah, I'm not good with the girl songs." Teh gayz r funny! »4/03/08 1:30pm

Dolly Parton Enthusiasts Give New Meaning To The Word "Fanatic"

We really love Dolly Parton, but our devotion could never hold a candle to some of the superfans featured in the 2006 documentary For the Love of Dolly. In the clip above, we meet Jeanette, a woman who has decided to dedicate her life to her favorite singer by collecting memorabilia, building an exact replica of the… »3/26/08 7:00pm

The Duke Spirit Frontwoman Leila Moss Talks Flowers, Farts And Female Masturbation

Leila Moss, lead singer of British rock band The Duke Spirit, sat down with us to discuss the pros and cons of Valentine's Day and what really goes on in a tour bus. (Seriously, any girl who speaks so casually about passing gas and playing with herself will always have a special place in our hearts.) Clip above, and… »2/14/08 6:20pm

Rock Of Love 2's Angelique: "Bret, When You See My Porno Video, You Will Regret It Forever"

Angelique Morgan, the French woman who was most eager to strip down to her birthday suit for Bret Michaels on Rock of Love 2, is in NYC for Fashion Week and yesterday, she agreed to sit down and answer a few questions about her recent departure from the show, her career as an adult film actress, and just what's a… »2/08/08 4:40pm

Mary J. Blige Dishes On PMS, Brazilian Waxes, & Her Mile High Club Membership On Tyra

Mary J. Blige was on Tyra today promoting her new album Growing Pains, and she was very candid. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul really opened up when she admitted to having sex on a commercial airline flight. She also says she's bloated and bitchy from PMS for three weeks out of the month, which would mean that she's only… »1/31/08 8:00pm