Some Men Who Hate Hillary Are Sexist. We Get It. Now Let's Move On.

If I have to read another article about how some men hate Hillary Clinton for vaguely misogynistic reasons I'm going to give myself a series of tiny paper cuts with the latest copy of Ms. and rub salt in them. But lo! Rebecca Traister goes on for over 4,000 words in Salon today, parsing some young, liberal, and mostly… »4/14/08 3:40pm4/14/08 3:40pm

Will Feminists And Oprah Winfrey Help Obama Win The Oval Office?

The New York Times was deep in the throes of Obamamania this weekend, with four separate articles discussing Barack's candidacy, from Oprah's endorsement to his chances against the dynamic duo of Bill and Hillary. The most interesting of the bunch describes Obama's feminist pitch, i.e., how he plans on stealing some… »12/03/07 12:30pm12/03/07 12:30pm

Do Black Voters Favor Hillary Because They've Been "Oppressed"?

Another weekend, another barrage of stories by starry-eyed journalists on the all the American constituents who are just left absolutely starry-eyed by Barack Hussein Obama. Last week it was foreign policy wonks, this week it's college student bloggers and, according to Vanity Fair, Julia Roberts. So what's with his… »11/12/07 12:30pm11/12/07 12:30pm