The Men In Elizabeth Taylor's Life

Elizabeth Taylor was the first tabloid star, with fans and haters alike all interested in her love life perhaps more than her films. With eight marriages to seven different men, her relationships provided a lot of fodder for gossips. She supposedly married so many times due to her personal motto on romance being,… » 3/24/11 4:10pm 3/24/11 4:10pm

Men Gleefully Expose Marilyn Monroe's Secrets For Vanity Fair

File cabinets belonging to Marilyn Monroe which "disappeared" after her death have been found, and they've been rifled through for the public's viewing pleasure! Vanity Fair » 9/03/08 12:30pm 9/03/08 12:30pm has quite a bit of Internet real estate to "The Marilyn Files," as well as the cover of its October issue. Writer Sam Kashner tries his best to…