Icona Pop's New Video Is Half Saw, Half High-Fashion Glamour

Remember that scene in 13 Going On 30, where Judy Greer’s pitch for Poise magazine’s redesign is “fashion suicide”? I’d like to imagine that this video is exactly what Greer’s character Tom Tom was talking about. Because if anyone’s video is going to kill with chicness, it’s Icona Pop’s “Emergency,” which is like a… »6/17/15 3:10pm6/17/15 3:10pm


'Dancing with the Stars' Was Cool for Three Minutes Last Night, Thanks to Icona Pop

However campy washed-up celebs ballroom dancing while being judged by Elton John's backup dancer might be, Dancing with the Stars simply is not cool. Half-naked costumes aside, there's absolutely no edge. But last night, Swedish synth-pop duo Icona Pop took the show hostage with a neon-infused, glow-in-the-dark… »3/27/13 3:55pm3/27/13 3:55pm