These Adorable Icelandic Cops Have the Best Instagram Account Ever

Iceland seems like a really lovely place (utter economic collapse aside), and the official Instagram account of the Reykjavík metropolitan police is doing nothing to dispel this impression. They cuddle with animals! They stop by Domino's! I guess maybe they occasionally solve crimes! » 9/19/14 2:15pm 9/19/14 2:15pm

It's Illegal to Name Your Daughter 'Harriet' in Iceland

Icelandic officials are refusing to renew one 10-year-old's passport because her name does not comply with the country's strict naming laws. Previously listed on legal documents only as Stúlka Cardew (translation: GIRL Cardew), the little girl and her parents will have to go to court and fight to retain the child's… » 8/12/14 3:45pm 8/12/14 3:45pm

Iceland Is the Still Best Place to Live if You're a Woman

If you're the type of person who makes choices according to the New York Times Travel section, you already knew Iceland was too hot to handle. The country's got some other notable qualities besides being a hip place to visit right now: it's held its position as the most egalitarian place for women to live for the… » 10/28/13 10:40am 10/28/13 10:40am

Icelanders Try to Restrict ‘Unfettered Misogyny’ of Internet Porn

There’s a campaign afoot in Iceland to seriously restrict underage access to hardcore porn, and it’s drawing the typical outcries of free expression curtailment. Those arguments — that Iceland would turn into some kind of North Korea Lite, or literally explode from all the thwarted orgasms a porn ban would surely… » 5/26/13 3:30pm 5/26/13 3:30pm

Not Having Sex With Your Cousin By Accident: There's An App For That

There are a few very specific problems that one deals with as a citizen of Iceland, most of them not even Bjork-related. In fact, the immediate threat is the phantom possibility of accidentally sleeping with one of your cousins. » 4/17/13 3:50pm 4/17/13 3:50pm

15-Year-Old Icelandic Teenager Is Suing the Country For the Right to Be…

Here in the U.S., we give our kids ridiculous names like "Hashtag," because this is AMERICA. But some countries, such as Iceland, have very stringent and arbitrary rules regarding monikers. » 1/03/13 5:20pm 1/03/13 5:20pm

Is Katie Holmes Being Stalked by Scientologists?

If you thought Scientology had a disturbing influence on Katie Holmes's marriage to Tom Cruise, just wait until you see what it's going to do to her divorce. TMZ is reporting that Katie is being followed by a team of Scientologists. Why? Who knows! Maybe they just want to make sure she's safe and happy? Or maybe… » 7/01/12 11:55pm 7/01/12 11:55pm

A Handy Tool to Keep You From Sleeping With Your Cousin

While the idea of accidentally hooking up with one's cousin is quite disturbing, it's a real possibility when you live in a place like Iceland that only has 300,000 people to choose from. That's why there's a new website called Íslendingabók, aka the Book of Icelanders. It sounds like a cooler version of Facebook, but… » 2/09/12 9:30am 2/09/12 9:30am

Coincidentally, The Best Countries For Women Are A Bit Chilly

A new ranking by Newsweek/Daily Beast reveals which countries are the best and worst places for women to live. Using data from 165 countries, they based their rankings on five categories: "treatment under the law, workforce participation, political power, and access to education and health care." And without further… » 9/27/11 5:25pm 9/27/11 5:25pm

Iceland Bans Strip Clubs; What If The U.S. Did The Same?

Iceland's strip clubs are getting the boot. With the world's first openly gay head of state as well as the usual raft of envy-inducing Scandinavian policies, it's being called the most feminist country in the world. Could it happen here? » 3/26/10 5:20pm 3/26/10 5:20pm

Brangelina Tries Jewelry Design; Lindsay Lohan For Bebe?


Iceland's financial troubles have had an unexpected consequence: a revival of the fishing-centric nation's traditional, waste-not, want-not cuisine. This means dried fish, horse, blood pudding, puffin, shark, and, yes, whale. [BBC] » 5/19/09 6:40pm 5/19/09 6:40pm

Iceland Elects World's First Openly Gay Prime Minister

Social Democrat Johanna Sigurdardottir, 66, who had been serving as the "caretaker Prime Minister" for the past few months, has officially been elected as Iceland's Prime Minister, making her the world's first openly gay leader. » 4/26/09 5:45pm 4/26/09 5:45pm

Stay Off Of John McCain's Lawn!

As the sun rises on the debate day but sets on John McCain, one is forced to wonder: where are the racists at? And, it turns out they're at McCain-Palin rallies! Swampland » 10/07/08 10:00am 10/07/08 10:00am's and I aren't surprised, any more than we're surprised that Dick Morris still sucks hooker's toes, and Todd Palin might be "borrowing" Sarah's…