NWA's Straight Outta Compton Movie May—Or May Not—Tell the Real Story

As a California girl, I grew up in the shadow of NWA even though I was absolutely not allowed to listen to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E, MC Ren and Yella outside of my headphones. Now the group's biopic Straight Outta Compton is on the way, starring Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson Jr. playing his father, and from the… » 2/09/15 6:40pm 2/09/15 6:40pm

Jaden Smith Speaks His Own Language

In today's Tweet Beat, apparently the joke is on you for making fun of Jaden Smith's grammar, relatedly, Shia LaBeouf tweets some words and Ice Cube wants you to vote. » 11/03/14 7:30pm 11/03/14 7:30pm

#HuskyTwitter Is Being Ruined By Rick Ross

Since ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue debuted this week with baseball player Prince Fielder on the cover bare bellied and thick, #huskytwitter was born to celebrate the healthier male form. I approved … until I saw a sad list of “Husky Men I Shouldn’t Overlook” which included many knockoffs. » 7/10/14 11:20am 7/10/14 11:20am

Ice Cube Says He Was 'Robbed' by Paul Walker at the MTV Movie Awards

Alas, MTV hath done Ice Cube a great disservice. Mr. Cube believes that he and Kevin Hart should have won "Best Onscreen Duo" at last night's MTV Movie Awards for their work in Ride Along, which is a movie about two guys and one of them is worried and the other one has a car. But instead, Cube and Hart were cruelly… » 4/14/14 8:00pm 4/14/14 8:00pm

Kristen Stewart Won't Be In the Snow White Sequel That Is Happening…

Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel after Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross made it clear that Sanders would not be working with her again if he had any interest in Gorilla Gluing the shattered Chia pet of their marriage back together. » 8/15/12 9:00am 8/15/12 9:00am

Bill O'Reilly Will Not Let You Get Away with Confusing Ice T and Ice…

On last night's The O'Reilly Factor, contributor Bernie Goldberg confused the iconic rappers Ice T and Ice Cube, a gaff that becomes extra embarrassing when you realize Goldberg once spent and afternoon in Ice Cube's company. O'Reilly was quick to correct the slip, saying, "I'm a brother, man. You can't be doing… » 1/17/12 7:45pm 1/17/12 7:45pm

Pictures Of Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Doing Heroin Surface In UK Tabloid

Glee Creator Calls For Newsweek Boycott; Lindsay Turns To Man Who Saved…

8 Reasons Why We Sorta Love New Gossip Mag The Most!

As previously mentioned, in a time when publications are shutting down left and right, there's a new kid on the newsstand: The Most!, a gossip rag from the peeps at Vibe. We checked it out… and we learned a lot! » 6/10/09 4:00pm 6/10/09 4:00pm

Chris Brown Attempts To Rescue His Image By Rescuing Animals

David Beckham Smashes Car & Leaves Posh With The Wreckage

Jessica & Tony Split; Joel Parties With Lindsay While Nicole Babysits