Watch Self-Described Bachelorette 'Catch' Ian Magically Turn Into a Dick

Ah, Ian. The shining star of this season of The Bachelorette: tall; in possession of an excellent head shape; a former model; went to Princeton; is a former track star who survived a horrible car accident; does charity work; can sing. But don’t just believe me—let him tell you himself!
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Amy Winehouse Gives Back Gowns With Sick Surprise

  • What kind of fuckery is this? Amy Winehouse borrowed some designer dresses. When she returned them, they were splattered with vomit. [Mirror]
  • Some of the puke-stained dresses had developed furry mold on them. [Hey, I'm eating breakfast, lady! - Ed.] [CelebNewsWire]
  • Meanwhile, Amy is trying to launch the singing career…
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