I Work Here To Feed My Sick Fancy Product Addiction; The Least I Can Do Is Help You

Remember life before Sephora? When lipstick was lipstick and foundation didn't need to be "primed"? Well, ever since the the Berlin Wall fell, Pakistan developed nukes and "cosmeceuticals" joined the Oxford English Dictionary (okay, not really, but!) the world of beauty has been much more complicated and perilous to… »2/21/08 3:00pm

If You Go To Work For American Apparel, Can You Really Expect Dov Charney To Wear Clothes?

Just when you thought a day could not pass without a post on American Apparel, the best worst company in America, we get this alarming tidbit courtesy the New York Post: one of the sexual harassment cases against chronic masturbating abusive perv-with-a-heart-of-gold-lame-leggings American Apparel founder/CEO Dov… »1/08/08 12:30pm

Hollister: Sort Of Like "Girls Gone Wild", Only With Girls Too Young For Joe Francis

It's Fashion Week, and we know how much that means to you all, but we thought we'd throw a bone to Jezebel readers who'd trade their newfound understanding of Vena Cava for a decent glass of vino. This is the story of Hollister, a powerful branch of the Abercrombie & Fitch youth retail empire and the sort of work… »9/06/07 6:20pm