'I Love Boobies' Bracelet Ban Battle Heading to Supreme Court

After a three-year long court battle between two girls and their Pennsylvania middle school over "I (heart) Boobies!" breast cancer awareness bracelets, the school board is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. » 10/30/13 11:40am 10/30/13 11:40am

Judge Hearts Boobies

A judge has sided with two Pennsylvania high school students who were suspended after wearing "I Heart Boobies" bracelets in connection with Breast-Cancer Awareness. Ruled hizzoner, the rubber bracelets "can reasonably be viewed as speech designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and to reduce stigma associated… » 4/13/11 8:45pm 4/13/11 8:45pm

Students Win The Right To Heart Boobies

A judge in Pennsylvania has ruled in favor of students who were suspended for wearing "I heart boobies" bracelets. (Their parents teamed up with the ACLU. The judge was convinced that the bracelets constituted breast cancer awareness. » 4/12/11 4:15pm 4/12/11 4:15pm

Students Sue For Right To Love Boobies

Many school districts have banned "I (Heart) Boobies" bracelets — but now some Pennsylvania teens are suing for their right to express boobie-love. » 11/16/10 11:30am 11/16/10 11:30am

School Does Not Love The "I Love Boobies" Campaign

No one invented the breast-cancer awareness "I Love Boobies" campaign because they thought it would fly under the radar. And at some schools, it's become controversial indeed. » 8/31/10 6:11pm 8/31/10 6:11pm