Badass Bride and Groom Totally Unfazed by Ruinous Acts of God

Right before Caleb and Candra Pence's outdoor Kansas wedding was set to begin, an ominous wall cloud formed on the horizon. During the ceremony, a tornado snaked toward the ground. But rather than interrupting their nuptials, retreating to the basement, and playing mildewed board games by candlelight for the next… » 5/25/12 12:40pm 5/25/12 12:40pm

Couple Gets Married For The 100th Time

Lauren and David Blair of Tennessee married in 1984, but they've renewed their vows 99 times since. They now hold the Guinness World Record for "Most Marriage Vow Renewals by the Same Couple," and presumably friends have stopped sending them a kitchen appliance each time. Lauren says, "We knew we were meant for each… » 10/05/11 9:30am 10/05/11 9:30am

Computer Minister Officiates At Wedding

A Texas couple threw tradition, and fears of a robots takeover, to the wind by having a virtual minister preside at their wedding on Saturday. Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley met on the Sweet on Geeks dating site and Hanson is a web developer and IT consultant, so when they couldn't find a friend to officiate, Hanson… » 8/02/11 11:03pm 8/02/11 11:03pm

Law Firm Defending DOMA For Congress Drops Case

Funny how these things work. You may recall that the Republican-controlled House conveniently found $500,000 marked "uphold a law that discriminates against gay people" despite President Obama's declining to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. That money went to a contact for a law firm, much to Democrats'… » 4/25/11 6:40pm 4/25/11 6:40pm

Gay Couples' Green Card Applications Put On Hold Pending DOMA Cases

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is not known for its rapid responsiveness, but that's belied by its announcement recently that same-sex partners of citizens won't automatically be denied green cards, now that the Obama administration has announced it won't fight for the Defense of Marriage Act. » 3/29/11 3:33pm 3/29/11 3:33pm