Three Female Relatives With 85% Cancer Risk All Opt For Radical Preventative Surgery

In November of last year, Miss America contestant Allyn Rose discovered that she had inherited a high genetic risk of breast cancer. She decided to get a double mastectomy—but only if she didn't win the pageant. But Even this wasn't enough of a kotow to the powers of pageantry. When she went public with her decision,… »4/13/13 4:00pm4/13/13 4:00pm

You Can Now Get A Scar-Free Hysterectomy From a Robot

Most women who undergo hysterectomies are left with multi-inch incisions above the pubic hair line. But a new case report in the Journal of Minimal Access Surgery found that robots, using a three-dimensional view and precise "chopstick" arm movements, can perform the same surgery using only a single point of entry,… »11/13/12 3:20pm11/13/12 3:20pm