North Carolina Senate Wants to Give $250K to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Hyde amendment bans federal funding of abortion. But the North Carolina Senate sees no problem with bestowing $250,000 worth of state funding to an umbrella group of faith-based anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers that disseminate dubious medical information to vulnerable young women. Get ready for a deluge of… » 5/24/13 4:40pm 5/24/13 4:40pm

35th Anniversary Of The Hyde Amendment Is Nothing To Celebrate

One thing you'll hear lawmakers on both sides of the abortion debate say again and again is that federal money shouldn't be used to pay for abortions. There's no reason that taypayer money shouldn't fund a legal medical procedure, but thanks to the Hyde Amendment, which just turned 35, most Americans don't question… » 10/03/11 3:55pm 10/03/11 3:55pm