Samsung Introduces You to the Perfect Husband/Domestic Servant

An ad for Samsung’s wide world of evolved televisions featuring a dimwitted couch-bound husband transformed into a domestic servant marionette has drawn cries (mostly from MRAs on Reddit, but also now from Fox News) of sexism. Probably a fair critique, although Adweek’s David Gianatasio doesn’t think the outrage is … »5/22/13 11:55pm5/22/13 11:55pm

Magic 'Husband-Finding' Metal-Shard Sweater Probably Won’t Help You Find a Husband

Are you in the market for a husband, preferably one that is easily dazzled by shiny bits of metal/plastic? Are you also cold? If you answered, "Goddamn fucking right I am" to either of these questions, then you're in luck because there's still time to start a bidding war on a "Magic, Beaded, Husband-finding*, Sparkly… »9/04/12 11:50am9/04/12 11:50am

The Argument For Getting an Advanced Degree in Husband-Hunting

It was only a few decades ago that many women viewed higher education mainly as a way of finding a husband—earning the ol' M.R.S. degree, as it was called. Times have changed considerably since then, so it sounds more than a little odd to hear Helen Fraser, the chief executive of the UK's Girls' Day School Trust, say… »6/14/12 1:30pm6/14/12 1:30pm

Brave 80-Year-Old Woman Lands Plane After Her Pilot Husband Dies at the Controls

When it comes to worst nightmares, there are so many options that it can be hard to decide what's the actual worst case scenario. But this experience ranks right up there: An 80-year-old woman was a passenger in the small twin-engine plane her husband was flying near their home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Suddenly her… »4/02/12 11:55pm4/02/12 11:55pm

Gabby Gifford’s Adorable Husband to Write Even More Adorable Children’s Book

Gah. Just when you thought Gabrielle Giffords' loving husband Mark Kelly couldn't be any more perfect—he is an astronaut for Christ's sake—he goes and ups the ante. It's just been announced that he is writing a kids book about a mouse who goes up into space. Commence "aww-ing" sequence now. »2/20/12 9:45pm2/20/12 9:45pm

When Robin Yassin-Kassab met his wife Rana in Syria, where half of the women wore the hijab, he thou
When Robin Yassin-Kassab met his wife Rana in Syria, where half of the women wore the hijab, he thought she shared his liberal values because she did not cover her head. But five years into their marriage Rana decided to start wearing the hijab, against her husband's wishes. "What really bothered me was people… »11/03/08 1:40pm11/03/08 1:40pm