Frankenstorm Is a Great Opportunity to Take a Much-Needed Hurrication

Just before the start of my second semester of college in New Orleans, of Louisiana fame, my dad, who had driven all the way from New Jersey with me, thus preventing me from listening to all the dance hall reggae I so desperately crave on a cross-country drive, had conversation with a scabrous Marriott bartender that… » 10/28/12 12:30pm 10/28/12 12:30pm

Former Bush Propagandist Scott McClellan's Book Uses Term "Propaganda,"…

If there was a Bush administration official who was as painful to listen to as Bush himself — and that is probably scientifically impossible but humor us for a second — it was Scott McClellan. Dana Perino is dumb but so prettily, unabashedly so, Victoria Clarke always had those insane purple suits, Rumsfeld made his… » 5/28/08 10:30am 5/28/08 10:30am

19-Year-Old Math Prodigy Alia Sabur Is Today's Favorite Jezebel

On this morning's Today show, Ann Curry interviewed Alia Sabur, who, at 18, became the youngest professor in the history of the United States. Sabur, now 19, is refreshingly adorable and normal — certainly mature for her age, but completely humble about her achievements. She teaches physics and math at Southern… » 4/23/08 12:30pm 4/23/08 12:30pm