Perfect: Sarah Palin Is Getting a Show on the Sportsman Channel

Sarah Palin has a new gig, in addition to full-time warrior for Christmas: The Hollywood Reporter says she's getting her own show on the Sportsman Channel. Titled Amazing America with Sarah Palin and set to debut in April, the show is "an anthology of stories that explore some of the most original, interesting – and… »12/09/13 2:30pm12/09/13 2:30pm

The Woman Who Shot Elephants for America's Natural History Museums

Delia Akeley is probably best remembered as a "wife-of," having spent two decades married to famed taxidermist and conservationist Carl Akeley. But Delia was a fascinating adventurer in her own right, an early primatologist, anthropologist studying the pygmy peoples of Belgian Congo, and skilled museum-backed… »11/17/13 1:26pm11/17/13 1:26pm

NBC Sports Guy Kills Elephant, Says If You Don't Like It You're Hitler

NBC Sports announcer and idiotic nutjob (more on that TK) Tony Markis recently shot an elephant in the head for a TV show. Why? Because guns! Because freedom! Because CONSTITUTION FOUNDING FATHERS IN GOD WE TRUST NEVER FORGET! In an interview that questioned his taste Markis compared his critics to Hitler and accused… »9/27/13 7:15pm9/27/13 7:15pm

Bristol Celebrates 21st Birthday By Taking Shots ... At Caribou

While most people celebrate their 21 birthday by drinking themselves into a stupor, Bristol Palin isn't one to engage in such scandalous behavior. Instead, she'll uphold the Palin family tradition of celebrating all of life's biggest moments by killing wildlife. When asked about her birthday plans for tonight, her rep »10/18/11 11:18pm10/18/11 11:18pm