The Problem With Humans of New York

A girl from the required class for English majors at my college has lately been sharing a lot of posts from the website Humans of New York. I was inclined to dismiss it all as dumb clickbait—this was, after all, a girl who'd responded to the novels of J.M. Coetzee by asking about the South African head of the state… » 8/13/14 9:37am 8/13/14 9:37am

Internet Falls in Love With Woman Who Went from Teen Mom to Bosslady

Are you following Humans of New York on Instagram and Facebook and with your heart? Because if you're not, you almost missed out on a seriously cool story from seriously impressive New Yorker that is warming the cockles of the hearts of the internet on a particularly dreary-seeming day. » 6/30/14 3:00pm 6/30/14 3:00pm

DKNY Tries To Buy Photos From Popular Blogger, Is Turned Down, Steals…

Brandon Stanton of the Humans of New York photo blog — which has nearly 600,000 Facebook fans — was recently approached by the clothing brand DKNY. DKNY wanted to license 300 of Stanton's photographs to use in store window displays at its boutiques around the world. The company offered Stanton $15,000 for his images.… » 2/25/13 4:20pm 2/25/13 4:20pm

Photo of Woman in Underwear is an Open Invitation for the Entire…

Student and blogger Stella Boonshoft experienced an Internet-sized outpouring of love when photographer Brandon Staunton posted a bra-and-panty-clad photo of her on his popular Humans of New York Facebook page. Unfortunately, with the good, comes the ugly, and because she's a woman, there were plenty of comments… » 10/23/12 10:00am 10/23/12 10:00am