Cats Have Been Stuck With Oafish Humans Longer Than We Ever Knew

Humans and dogs have been up in each other's business since, oh, before the dawn of recorded history. The friendship/grudging mutual arrangement between humans and cats, however, is a more recent affair, long thought to date to roughly 1950 B.C. Turns out they've maybe been putting up with us even longer, though! »3/05/14 6:45pm3/05/14 6:45pm

Chimps, Like People, May Experience Midlife Crises, Might Buy Chimp Convertibles and Get Chimp Hairplugs

The midlife crisis has always been seen as a very human thing. Documented by sociologists in over 65 countries, the midlife dip in self-esteem, contentment, vivaciousness and happiness, is a universal phenomenon amongst people and has generally been attributed to economic, psychological and sociological factors. Until… »11/20/12 12:20pm11/20/12 12:20pm

Humans Will Screw Ourselves Over in the Name of Fairness

Ugh, is there any more frustrating childhood cliche than "Well, life isn't fair"? When you're trying to tell your mom about something that totally seriously is not fair, like how she loaned your VHS of Beauty and the Beast to the neighbor kid whose parents were getting divorced and then they moved away and now you'll… »8/24/12 6:15pm8/24/12 6:15pm